We are one of the most diverse Health Food Store's in Maryland.  Our Store has a large selection of Vitamins, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Herbal Teas, Cleansing products, and some food items . Unlike your typical store we offer Herbal V-Infusion, Colonics, Body Wraps, Body Scrubs, Massages, Reflexology, Aqua Chi, Ear Candling, Reiki, Cupping and Holistic Coaching. 

Call or come in to meet our friendly staff. 

I am sure that a lot of you have made Promises to yourself over and over to take control of your health. We are here to help you  change the way you think of  your body, mind, and spirit.  Therefore, you don't just keep promises for a couple of months, you need to change your lifestyle and  what you put into your system on a daily basis.  Allow us to help you on your journey to find the true you.   We surpass the competition, in not only price,and  value but in truly caring what the outcome is.

I look forward to meeting you.                     

Hon. Dr. Shakiera  Hockaday-Bey                        

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  • After your Colonic, you are offered electrolytes to replenish your system. We use Heated Castor oil externally @ no additional charge!
  • Seniors receive 10% off daily- not on sale items .
  • After your Aqua Chi session, we manipulate the soles of your feet.

email me

301-203-2360  info@herbalinfusion.net

I am a member of I-Act and National Board Certified for Colon Hydrotherapy
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October Specials-SPAWEEK is BACK!
Ayuvreda Facial Massage..........$50.00   reg. $85
Colonic>>>>>...........................$50.00    reg  $95
Hot Stone/Swedish Massage.....$505.00  reg. $95
Shirodhara............................,..$50.00    reg  $85
We are now offering some Ayuvreda treatments.
Ayuvreda Facial Massage & Mask